New Homes

Nothing compares to the feeling of living in your dream home! At JFKearns, you get to experience that feeling of turning your dreams into reality.

When working with you on your dream home, you will be provided with superior and quality workmanship in every aspect of the build, since JFKearns specialises in building high-end custom homes.

You will have luxury, elegance, and style combined with functionality and liveability, all within your budget and designed to suit your daily living wants and needs. Using our expertise, you will be provided a quality new home with a rewarding building experience.

Taking immense pride in all aspects of our building projects, we believe that this translates into a finished product that you will enjoy and be proud of for many years to come. Anyone can build a house, but it takes pride in workmanship and passion to build something that is worthy of becoming your dream property.

Prestige Renovations

Do you want to upgrade your home and add more living space? JFKearns has a solution to suit your specific needs. Rest assured that your renovation will be done with care and attention to detail so that it will be exactly what you want and will blend beautifully with your existing home. No half-finished, dirty jobs at JFKearns.

Before and After